Patient testimonials

Don’t take our word for it . . . here is what our patients say.

“The gift of sight is priceless! Dr. Coulter and his staff are absolutely wonderful. I was a bit nervous prior to the procedure. However, it was quick and painless!! I was surprised. I would do it all over again to have the eyesight I have now – 20/15 in both eyes. Thank you! It’s the best money I’ve ever spent!”

– Heather Stark

“Do it NOW! You will love it and wish you had done it sooner! The staff is amazing and very helpful”

– T.C.

“Very professional staff and the best money I ever spent! I’m finally able to enjoy all the Alaskan recreations without the hassle of glasses,”

– Dennis Hamann

“[I] was a little nervous about getting the surgery. Being a pilot made this surgery very important to me. The results were great! No more contacts and glasses to fog up in the cold weather. . . It’s been three months and I’m still seeing 20/15! Thanks so much, Alaska Lasik, I can’t wait for summer to go flying without glasses!!!”

– Larry House

“I would advise anyone considering LASIK to go ahead, do the research and DO IT! I love being able to do all the activities I love without contact lenses. Everyone here at the center from the moment you walk in the door [are] very professional, warm and kind folks. Great experience. Highly recommended. Both my husband and I are thrilled – we can both see again!”

– Candace Ziegler

“My experience with LASIK was fantastic – the surgery was so quick with little to no discomfort. I appreciated the friendly, helpful atmosphere. I appreciated the care and concern the doctor and staff showed me and the availability and ease of talking with my doctor was excellent.”

– Linda Brandon

“This is the best gift I have ever given myself!! I am still in awe every morning. I see better than I ever did with glasses or gas permeable lenses! I am active outdoors and look forward to every season. This year I will kayak and be able to really enjoy seeing the scenery!”

– Karen Adams

“The phrase ‘It’s the greatest gift you could give yourself’ should be a mantra on the day of surgery . . . Here I am twelve weeks later and I see EVERYTHING. It works. It works. It works. The staff is very friendly, very professional. If you’re having any hesitation, just remember all those times your glasses have fogged up on you or you’ve bent them up, or your contacts are just unbearable to deal with any longer and then tell yourself “It’s the best gift I could ever give myself!”

– Tim Gillard


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